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Cape Grim Air - Bottled Air
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About Cape Grim

Cape Grim Air - Pair Bottled Air

Cape Grim is located on the far North West tip of Tasmania and thanks to global wind currents is home to the worlds cleanest air. These wind currents located in the latitudes between 40 and 50 degrees south, force the air around the bottom of the earth along thousands of kilometres of open ocean before finally reaching land in Tasmania. It is this process that naturally filters and purifies the air leaving nothing but the important life giving elements you need and none of the harmful pollutants you don’t.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have had an established research station located at Cape Grim since 1976 to create a global baseline in which to measure increasing levels of pollution around the world. It are these measurements that have officially given Cape Grim the title of being the Cleanest Air on the Planet .

Now after centuries of weather patterns buffeting the western coast we are able to bring you a small piece of this paradise to wherever you are in the world. Bringing relief from daily pollution, stuffy office buildings, long bus rides or even just to treat your body, Cape Grim Air is the cleanest air on the planet, everything else comes second.

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Product Features

Cape Grim Air contains air from the most pure location on the planet. 
That is just the beginning!

Pure Air

The Air from Cape Grim travels untouched over 10,000km from the tip of South America until it reaches the rocky shores of North Western Tasmania. It is this extended journey that cleans and purifies the air before it is bottled with care and shipped to you, delivering a small piece of the Tasmanian wilderness wherever you are in the world.

Pure Design

Our premium aluminium bottles allow the highest levels of purity while maintaining a light and portable experience you can take with you anywhere. Our highly recyclable bottles along with our streamlined respirator provide a seamless delivery of pristine air on demand wherever you need it.

Pure Responsibility

Cape Grim Air donates a portion of our profits to the Changefund.Org to reduce our carbon impact and continue the necessary research into global warming. With pollution levels at their highest levels ever around the world it is more important than ever to find a way to protect our health and the health of the planet.



This displays the real-time air quality at key locations around the globe - Any rating above 50 on the Air Quality Index can be hazardous to your health.

gives you a real time indication of the Air Quality at Cape Grim.