Privacy Policy



Privacy Policy

Cape Grim Air pty ltd ( "our", "us", or "we") knows that your privacy is important. Yes, we do collect information from you but this is to make sure that your delivery reaches you safely and helps us better connect with you.

We love online shopping, so we know how it feels to know that your information is safe.

Cape Grim Air is very conscious in how your personal details are handled and we do so in accordance with Australian legislation. These are standards that are important to us and instilling confidence in Cape Grim Air.

When visiting, this forms consent to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of the website and online store. Please refer to these for details.

Cape Grim Air is compliant with the National Privacy Principles issued by the Federal Privacy Commissioner of Australia. This directs us in how we gather, store and utilize the information that is provided to us.

Collecting Personal Information

You will be required to provide us with information when processing an order through our website, or when requesting / registering to receive information, when getting in contact with us or providing us with feedback. Also, activities on social media sites may be registered through these domains. We may ask for personal information to better meet your expectations and provide the best experience with us.

Please note that it is not a requirement to provide your personal information when utilizing our website.

Navigational information such as your IP address and entrance point may also be collected when you visit the Cape Grim Air website, although this does not include your personal details.

Storage and Security:

Rigorous measures have been applied by Cape Grim Air to guard your personal information. The information is only available to the authorised staff for confidentiality and security reasons. We very much aware that your personal information is very sensitive and we share these values.

When placing an order with Cape Grim Air, this will be fully completed within Australia. Your purchase will also be shipped directly from Australia. The data that you provide to Cape Grim Air will also be secured within Australian based systems.

Due to the nature of internet, although we will do our upmost to preserve your privacy, it is so that data held over the internet cannot be completely guaranteed. It does remain paramount to us that your information remains secure and you have the most positive experience with Cape Grim Air.

Access to Your Information

If you need to clarify or change any of the details that you have provided to us, please contact us to do so. This will help provide you with the highest level of customer service and interaction possible. We may ask you some questions to confirm your identity in order to discuss personal information.

Use and Disclosure:

Under no circumstances will we release your information to other parties unless of course this is a requirement by law to do so.

The information that we do attain is do better deliver to customers and improving the level of service and product is provided to you and those that visit the website. In regards to emailing information, this is provided to us when you willingly do so, although you will be able to decline this when processing your payment. It is our effort not to bombard you with emails and it is aimed at keeping you up to date with what we are up to and the new products that we release. If you wish to remove yourself from the mailing list please follow provided link in the emails of this nature that have been sent to you. You can also contact us directly at to request that your email is removed from our mail out list.

Contacting us:

Please, if you have any questions, feedback or concerns regarding our privacy policy and how we handle your information that you submit to us, we encourage you to contact us at: